Thursday, March 29, 2012

Gale: Help Your Donors Leave a Digital Legacy


Gale, part of Cengage Learning

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Gale Digital Legacy

Buildings…scholarship endowments…stadium seat sponsorships. Donors are accustomed to invitations to enhance bricks-and-mortar and student assistance, but what about the long-term resources that are at the heart of learning?

Libraries, whether physical or virtual, provide the backdrop, resources, and the nourishment for learning. Your donors now have an opportunity to invest in your university's stature, ranking, faculty and student recruitment, and academic mission by developing your library's resources.

Build your Digital Legacy

Through Gale's Digital Legacy program, donors directly impact the learning process by providing access to rich information resources. An à-la-carte-style program custom-designed for your institution, allows donors to choose an entire resource to sponsor, or participate as a partial sponsor. A variety of giving opportunities (ranging from $100 to $3 million) may be presented, and the donor's name will be displayed within the qualifying resource sponsored.

We'll provide the tools and support you need to implement a successful program. Call us today at 1-800-877-GALE for more information, and together, let's build your library's Digital Legacy!


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